TRAPESE stands for ‘Taking Radical Action through Popular Education and Sustainable Everything!’

Our work involves interactive workshops, games, films, trainings, and action/campaign planning sessions. We also produce resources and write on various issues.

We aim to provide opportunities for children, young people and adults to explore the big issues of our time.

We focus on practical steps to inspire, inform and enable action, and how to develop workable alternatives. We are a not for profit collective motivated by a passionate belief in the power of learning together.

There are currently five people working on Trapese projects and we are based in the UK.

In this page you will find more information about us, the activities, publications, workshops, etc we did


*The World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth Rights

Official logo CMPP A member of the Trapese collective has attended as part of an International Climate Justice Network at the World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth Rights in Cochabamba, Bolivia, 19-22 April.

As well as participating in the working group of the Conference, Migration and Climate Change, the group run two self organised events:

  • Climate change is not my baby – the growing threat of population controls and the new population offsetting projects
  • Border Controls and Freedom of Movement in an age of Climate Chaos.

Before the Conference, the "III Feria Internacional del Agua" conmemorated 10 years since the Water Wars event in Cochabamba. Just afterwards we attended the congress of the CTUSCB, the largest peasant farmers union in Bolivia and then visited some other projects.

After the Conference

The group have being collecting video, audio and interviews to listen to the critical voices and contribute to building global understandings. They are co-producing a booklet about the conference and climate justice. Throughout May and June the group aims to organise workshops and events to talk about their experiences at the Climate Conference in Bolivia

More info
Link to news, reports, info, multimedia uploads and blogs before, during and after the Cochabamba conference
E-mail: ayya@riseup.net, website: http://twitter.com/WPCCC

Official website

Blog from Bolivia

There is also a NING site, a wordpress site and for those 300 million spending 20 minutes a day on facebook, there’s also a facebook page. Please start to network these, especially the ning and facebook if you use either

*Tools for change

Short course from Saturday 27th March 2010 to Saturday 3rd April 2010, at Ragman's Lane Farm, Forest of Dean, near Gloucester. Download the flyer here.

"We need more popular education to build the movements for climate justice." (Naomi Klein, final plenary, KlimaForum, Copenhagen, December 2009)

About the course

cop15 Despite the enormous pressure for them to do so, in Copenhagen last December, governments were unable to take the urgent action needed to avert catastrophic climate change and the devastating impacts on humanity. As the dust settles after COP-15, the role of grassroots organising and doing it ourselves is ever more important. However, we face huge challenges, including how we can move towards a more effective climate justice movement, how can we build more resilient communities and how can we achieve system change not climate change?

This dynamic and engaging week long course will provide training in grassroots organising, including tools for direct democracy, facilitation, using consensus, popular education techniques and how to plan, communicate and implement effective campaigns. It will also explore how these tools can be used to set up community initiatives, ecological and social projects, andconsider how we can work together more effectively.

People rising hands 'Tools for Social Change' will be based on building participation and trust between facilitators and participants. No previous knowledge is required but a commitment to work co-operatively and to respect diversity is needed. The sessions will weave together histories, debates, practical sessions, academic ideas and real life case studies. The interests and ideas of those involved will be integrated into the week. There will be time to share your ideas, work on practical crash technology projects around the farm, discuss cutting edge political debates, play games, watch films and enjoy food together.

This course draws on the 'Do It Yourself Handbook' (handbookforchange.org) and Trapese's work since 2004. It follows the success of the "Do It Yourself, Tools for empowerment and social change" at Findhorn College in March 2009. It will also build on courses delivered at CAT, work at C-words season at Arnolfini, 'Start Producing the Future' series of dayschools and films (Oct-Nov, 2009) and Trapese's events at KlimaForum in Copenhagen.

Facilitators will include
Paul Chatterton, (MA Activism and Social Change, Leeds www.activismsocialchange.org.uk; www.paulchatterton.com)
Kim Bryan, (Press Officer, Centre for Alternative Technology)
Alice Cutler, (Freelance teacher/ activist, Bristol) and guest workshops from others TBC.
We bring together many years of experience of organising and teaching but are also still committed to working out solutions together and engaging critical thinking about our work.

*Feedback from COP15

The ten days we spent in Copenhagen were hard at times, cold, depressing and expensive!

However, on my return, one of the great successes from my point of view were the workshops that we participated in at KlimaForum. Participants really seem to enjoy the opportunity to discuss and share their views rather than listen to a presentation.

We see this type of educational workshop as key to building movements that think critically and which have a broad base for bottom up organising, rather than being dependent on a small group of experts or charismatic leaders. It seemed a shame that there was so little debate and self education within the autonomous convergence spaces. And that many of those participating in the KlimaForum were not so involved in the actions and protests. We feel that engaging with radical ideas and methods inside spaces like the KlimaForum is really important to attempt to bridge this gap, and can give people ideas and tools for organising and mobilising in their communities back home.

Here is a brief feedback on what we did.

*Gearing up to go to Copenhagen! copenhagen_thumb.png

Trapese will be doing two workshops at the Klima Forum in Copenhagen

On 14th Dec (Climate Change and the Politics of Transition, 13-16h) and 15th Dec (Popular education; building movements that think critically, 10-12h) December. For more details see Klima Forum Programme

For more information on the mobilisation see Climate Justice Action Network

Trapese at Arnolfini
We have just finished a very successful series of events as part of C-Words at Arnolfini, Bristol around the theme of climate justice. This was part of the gallery's 100 Days countdown to Copenhagen. Thanks to all of you who came along and took part.

More photos (by Stuffit) here

Trapese interview with Cristian Dominguez

Last week at Arnolfini, we arranged to interview Cristian Dominguez. Latin American and Caribbean countries have joined forces to call for climate justice and the defence of the rights of the Earth ahead of climate change talks in Copenhagen. The network consists of 9 countries representing 73 million people, has also demanded that rich nations "adopt significant commitments to reduce greenhouse gas discharge and approve mechanisms to help countries to preserve, protect and conserve their forests".

Click below for watching and hearing in the interview (in Spanish with English subtitles, 18mins) how he and Yasmine, a woman from Bristol who is going to Copenhagen too, are both calling for a civil society mobilisation to the COP 15 summit. Thanks to Bristol Indymedia for helping us make the video.

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For a better quality download the film here

*Start producing the future
Experiments against Enclosure - Tools to reclaim the Commons”

The Trapese Collective invite YOU to workshops, films and exhibitions on producing the future.Trapese is happy to be taking part in Platform's two month occupation of the Arnolfini in Bristol in the run up to the COP-10 in Copenhagen. Trapese present three dayschools, (Saturdays 17th and 31st of October and 14th November) for YOUR participation. Discover crash technologies, explore creative vandalism, learn communication tools, debate economy v ecology or join the feral choir. A potent mix of inspiring workshops for collectively changing our world. Join the real green (grassroots) shoots!

Full programme available here.

Detailed timetable for

Day 1- Living sustainably, organising co-operatively, (17.10.9) here
Day 2- Inspiring change and learning together, (31.10.9) here
Day 3- Direct action: ordinary people doing extraordinary things, (14.11.9) here
More details of the film programme here
Details of why are we doing this project, here

PLUS in Gallery 2 from 3.10 to 29.11 come and browse The Radical Library in a beautiful, geo-dome made of locally sourced wood by Tim Floyd , packed with pamphlets, articles and books to browse and find out more about the issues and the ideas this project is talking about.

*DO IT YOURSELF: A handbook for changing our world
Korean edition
Thanks to compañer@s from around the world the book is now available in Korean and Greek with possible French, Chinese and an online edition to follow.

Some of the chapters are available in the resources section of this website.

Do it yourself: A handbook for changing our world The third print run is underway and will soon be available. To order books or to organise a workshop or event with Trapese please contact us.

*The rocky road to a real transition
The rocky road to a real transition
The Transition Town Movement and what it means for social change.

As new Transition Towns spring up across the UK, this well timed publication analyses the moves towards transition towns and what it means for social change.

We have republished this booklet with a new foreword , (July 2009). A 40 page booklet by Trapese with illustrations by Stuffit. Please contact us for copies or download publication here..

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