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Centre for Popular Education
PopEd Theory | PopEd Toolkit
Institute for Social Ecology - Popular Education for a Free Society  
Popular education - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Catalyst Centre - Popular Education Resources
Popular education @ the informal education homepage
Stanley Aronowitz on Popular Education in a Time of Struggle (audio)
Action Networks:
Radical Womens Network
Dissent! Network of resistance against the G8
Peoples Global Action
Mobilisation against the G8, Germany 2007
School Students against the war
Trident Ploughshares
Industrial Workers of the World
Workers Solidarity Movement  (Ireland)
Shell to Sea campaign
Global Calender of actions, gatherings and protests
Earth First!
Alternative Media Sites:
Independent Media Network ( UK)
Beyond TV- Keeping Underground Media Ugly
Clearer Channel
Alternative Press Index
Participatory Video
Earth First! Action Update
Earth First! Action Reports
Activist Health:
Seeds of Change - training and workshops for grassroots campaigns on environmental and social issues
Healing Trauma- issues of mental health related to activist communities
Black Cross
Medical Activists of New York
Uk Action Medics
Mad Pride
United Plant Savers
Womens Health- Sister Zeus
Radical Communties and sustainable living:
Primal Seeds
Permaculture Association UK
Starhawks website
Yellow house guide to eco rennovation
Centre for Alternative Technology
Landless Peasant Movement- Brazil
Via Campensina
Slow Food Movement
Social Centres Network
Climate Change:
Carbon Trade Watch
Rising Tide- Taking Direct Action on the causes of Climate Change
Peak oil
Feasta- Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability
Climate Camp
Facilitation and skill sharing:
Seeds for change
Rant Collective
Skill sharing
Blatant Incitement Project
Participatory Budgeting
Dissent! Network of resistance against the G8
Mobilisation against the G8
Shell to Sea campaign