In the Age of Stupid: A call for Popular Education and Critical Pedagogy both Inside and Outside the University. Alice Cutler 14.3.2009

Material from Findhorn Course

Workshop: Consensus decision making.


The rocky road to a real transition: Foreword, The rocky road to a real transition.
Space for Movement: Space for Movement

Do it yourself; A handbook for changing our world

Edited by The Trapese collective, this book is a collection of dynamic ideas which explore how we can build radical and meaningful social change, ourselves, here and now. It weaves together analysis, stories and experiences, combining in-depth analytical chapters followed by easy to follow "How to Guides" with practical ideas for organising collectively for change.

You can buy copies of the book from Pluto.

For downloading the intro click here. Each one of the next icons represents one the book's nine thematic areas. Click on them to download the chapters.

Chapters of "Do it yourself; A handbook for changing our world"


Intro: do it yourself
Just the intro

Sustainable living
Chapter I
Why we need holisitic solutions for a world in crisis

Chapter II
How to get of the grid

Chapter III
Why do it without leaders

Chapter IV
Making decisions by consensus, seeds for change collective

Chapter V
Why society is making us sick

Chapter VI
How to manage our own health

Popular education
Chapter VII
Why we still have a lot to learn

Chapter VIII
How to inspire change throw learning

Chapter IX
Why we are what we eat

Chapter X
How to set up a comunity garden

Cultural activism
Chapter XI
Why we need cultural activism

Chapter XII
How to prank, play and subvert the system

Chapter XIII
Why we need autonomous spaces in the fight against capitalism

Chapter XIV
How to set up a self-managed social centre

Chapter XV
Why we need to reclaim the media

Chapter XVI
How to comunicate beyond the media

Direct action
Chapter XVII
Why we need to take direct action

Chapter XVIII
How to buidl active campaigns

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