Trapese is a not for profit collective of popular educators with a passionate belief in the transforming power of participatory learning. Working with games, films, practical trainings and developing plans for action we provide an opportunity for children, young people and adults to examine challenging issues and, through workshops, to be empowered to take practical steps to improve their lives and their communities.

Trapese offers workshops on a wide range of important subjects including climate change, understanding the global economy and developing sustainability. Through dynamic, interactive and participatory workshops we aim to make these subjects accessible, interesting. As well as running workshops ourselves we also produce and distribute educational resources, carry out trainings and promote participatory, interactive methods of learning.
Our aims are;

·       to help develop a critical awareness of the world we live in

·       foster co-operation through education

·       build links between local and global issues

·       promote and strengthen viable and sustainable alternatives through skill sharing and practical trainings

“The Knot”- Workshop with Woodcraft Folk and Kofan Friends of the Earth Speakers tour, Edinburgh

Our backgrounds and interests include community theatre, teaching English to speakers of other languages, international solidarity work, sustainable living projects and outreach and campaigning work on environmental issues.

Since we formed in September 2004 there has been high demand for the work we do. There is a widespread acceptance that we face an ecological and social crises if we do not take immediate and meaningful steps to learn new ways of doing things in a more sustainable and just way. We see education and in particular popular education an key way to create that awareness and build movements for social and environmental justice.

Our approach is non judgemental and based in respect for varying opinions and beliefs. We are an independent, not a recruitment agency for any particular ideology or political party. We do not believe that there is any one blue print for social change but a myriad of different ways, forms and expressions.

Trapese tailor workshops to the size, age, needs and interests of the participants. Sessions range from an hour to a few days and longer programmes can be developed. The Climate Change workshops include elements such as; Hows and Whys of Climate Change, Understanding International Processes and Sustainable Communities; Living Alternatives.

....engage critically and creatively with the world and participate in its transformation ....



Upcoming Events:


May 2006- Climate Change and participatory education, The Big Blether, Fort William, Scotland


May 2006- EYFA European Youth for Action, training for trainers Amsterdam

July 2006 Global Village Woodcraft Folk, Kent


August 2006- Fin Fest Climate Change Tent


August 2006- Bicycology Bike Tour, (from London to Lancaster)



Previous Events:


August- Oxford UK climate justice network meeting. Meeting of climate campaigners from Britain looking at how to support environmental campaigns.


September 2005 Co-hosted Popular Education Seminar at Escanda, Spain with over 80 participants from around Europe we explored and deepened our understanding of methodology and practice and shared many skills and ideas in an inspiring week long gathering.


November 2005-  River Ocean "Community Action on Climate Change Climate Conference" Brighton. carried out a training for participants in the theory of Popular Education and shared games and activities.


November 2005- South Camden Community School Project- helping with  climate change poster campaign by the youth for the youth.


January- 2006 Barking School AS level Citizenship lecture


February 2006- Lewes C of E school, workshops in Schools using Recycled materials with Global Action Plan


March 2006- Popular Education Workshop at the Bookfair Dublin


March 2006- Diversity Day Bournemouth University, Making Poverty History? Reflections on a mobilisation.


March 2005- Climate change speakers training Oxford.


Ongoing work with Little London anti PFI campaign Leeds.



Info-roadshow of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales from the months of September 2004 to June 2005.



September 2004 - Trapese formed at the Renewable Energy and Social Change seminar Escanda, Spain

- Popular Education Working Day at MERCI, Manchester- 1st formal Meeting of the group.


October 2004- Trapese Roadshow began, touring doing educational workshops in universities, student unions, social centres etc., (European Social Forum, London, Brighton x 3, Manchester x 2, Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Dundee, Stirling, Perth)


February - March 2005 Roadshow Round 2- Bournemouth, London x 2, Swansea, Newport, Manchester,  Leeds,  Newcastle Green fair, Sheffield, Talamh Green Futures Fair, Oxford, Corpus Christi College, Ireland- Dublin, Grassroots Gathering, EYFA meeting, county Clare, Belfast x 2)


March - June 2005 Round 3- with SEAD, (Scottish Education and Action for Development), (Edinburgh, Methodist Central Hall,  Grangemouth Career Development Unit, Aberdeen University, Forres, Findhorn community, Edinburgh, Forest Cafe with Woodcraft folk, Stirling, Cowane Centre, Glasgow, Renfield St Stephens Church Hall, Edinburgh, St Georges Church Refugee Centre,  Theatre Workshop Edinburgh, Glasgow, Castlemilk Youth Complex, University of Edinburgh