Workshops are created for the group in mind, time and space available, number of people, level of knowledge, what the group hope to gain.

Sessions can take many forms including:

  • Understanding key issues
  • How to set up self-managed spaces (social centres, cafes, infopoints)
  • Developing community campaigns
  • Action planning and taking direct action
  • Decision making skills
  • Media work and communicating ideas
  • Informal sessions and pub quizzes
Trapese is available for talks workshops and trainings at book shops, community venues, colleges, universities and festivals and many more. To arrange an event or find out about where we will be, contact us.


Workshops can also be tailored to a groups needs.

Saving what for whom?
Migration and Climate Change- making the links. A brief look at historical patterns of migration, linking to ecological debt and current campaigns around migration and borders.

A history of industrial agriculture and understanding the food crisis. Looking at alternatives and case studies of resistance.

Climate Justice
Working towards a more just and sustainable future. How did we get here and where are we going?

Popular Education
What is it?, How can it be used to build social movements and practical tools for running participatory workshops.

Consensus Decision Making
A practical training in tools and methods for facilitating non-hierarchical organising.

Reclaiming space
Setting up a self-managed social centre and keeping it going. Why is it important, tips and lessons from exisiting projects.

The DIY way
Practical steps to sustainable living

Direct Action
Introduction to campaigning skills and keeping safe.

Evolving Minds
Strategies for sustaining ourselves and supporting each other.

Transition to what?
Discussion based workshop looking at the strengths and potential issues with the Transition movement and thinking about long term strategy and tactics for facing up to energy descent and climate change.

A - words
Anarchist, Autonomous, Activist, Anti-capitalist, Anti-racist, Anti-....... (fill in the blank.) What do these labels mean? How do we see these identities? Who is included and excluded? How do they influence how we act and interact? Exploring ideas and reflections.

Understanding the economy
Capitalism influences all our lives everyday, from our social relationship to global recession. But how does it work, how have we got here and are there any realistic alternatives?

What people have said about our workshops

"Participants were always encouraged to think and find answers themselves"

Billy, Workshop at Woodcraft Folk Gathering 2006

"The games were both fun and thought provoking, a great session"

Anna, workshop at Leeds University Students Union, 2005

"A refreshing look at the climate crisis that left me with hope that something could be done!"

Pat, workshop at East Manchester Residents
Association, 2005

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